Editorial Services

When You Have a Few Questions...

Video Chat or Phone Consultation

If you have questions—about how to find an agent or what happens next, about whether to self-publish, about how to break into the industry, or something else entirely—schedule a consultation via online video chat or phone. HYPHEN is here to demystify publishing. 
Rate: $25/half hour

In-Person Consultation

We are currently booking in-person meetings in Austin, Texas and Orlando, Florida. Bring all of your publishing questions, and for an additional fee, have your query letter, first five pages, or other material critiqued ahead of time so you can work through it one-on-one with an editor.
Rate: $35/half hour plus any reading fees

When You're Just Getting Started...

Idea Evaluation

If you have a few ideas and are trying to decide which to pursue, HYPHEN will provide a 1-2 page critique of the marketability of your concepts—up to five ideas, each with a 1-2 page description.
Rate: $45

Outline Evaluation

Once you've settled on a concept and have an outline of your work (up to 10 pages), send it to HYPHEN for review. We'll provide a 1-page critique, along with comments on the outline, uncovering potential plot holes and areas to address before you start drafting.
Rate: $55

When Your Writing Needs a Little Work...

Reader Report

This is the perfect service if you just need a quick evaluation. HYPHEN will read your work and write a one-page report, similar to what an intern would write for their agent. The report will include both strengths and growth areas, though with fewer specific suggestions than you'd receive in an editorial letter.
Rate: $0.003-$0.005/word

Editorial Letter

HYPHEN will read your manuscript and provide a detailed analysis (over 5 pages) of the strengths and areas for improvement, addressing both big-picture and micro concerns, including issues such as plot holes, character arcs, voice, setting, and more. After you've received the critique, we will schedule a one-hour video chat or call to review the notes and answer your questions.
Rate: $0.006-$0.008/word

Editorial Letter + Manuscript Comments

This service includes the editorial letter as described above, as well as comments on the first fifty pages of the manuscript itself (and occasional comments after the first fifty pages, as needed), illustrating suggestions made in the letter. This also includes a one-hour video chat or call following the written critique.
Rate: $0.008-$0.010/word

Full Edit: Editorial Letter + Manuscript Comments + Line Edit

This is a three-stage edit. First, HYPHEN will provide the editorial letter and manuscript comments as outlined above. After you have incorporated these suggestions, HYPHEN will reread your work and write an abbreviated editorial letter to evaluate the revision. Then, after you've perfected the big picture issues, HYPHEN will dive into the manuscript again and perform a complete line edit, addressing issues such as flow, word choice, repetitions, sentence structure, and more. This service includes up to three video chats or calls.
Rate: $0.020-$0.025/word

*These services apply to both fiction and nonfiction, full manuscripts and proposals, but there is a $200 minimum.
*Please note that these rates are an estimate. We will review a sample of your work and then give you a firm quote.

When You're Ready to submit or publish...

Query or Synopsis Critique

HYPHEN will fully edit your query or synopsis, providing a 2-3 paragraph critique along with on-the-page comments and line edits. This service includes a second pass.
Rate: $55
> Query + Synopsis Package: $100

Submission Package Critique

This service consists of a full edit of your query, synopsis, and first 10 pages. It includes a 1-2 page critique, as well as on-the-page comments and line edits. This service includes a second pass.
Rate: $145

Twitter Pitch Critique

In preparation for various pitch contests, HYPHEN will critique up to 5 Twitter pitches. This service includes a second pass.
Rate: $35

Promotional Copy Critique

For self-publishing writers, HYPHEN will fully edit the promotional sales copy—the book description for retailers' sites—providing a 2-3 paragraph critique along with on-the-page comments and line edits. This service includes a second pass.
Rate: $45


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