In a world with critique groups and writing partners, writing can still be a very lonely, sometimes confusing, path. How do you know if your book is marketable? How can you be sure the feedback you’ve gotten from family and friends is going to make your book the best it can be? What aren’t you seeing about undeveloped characters and major plot flaws? This is where Jennifer Johnson-Blalock comes in! As a former agent, an avid reader, and a purveyor of exceptionally entertaining tweets about books and the industry, Jennifer knows her stuff. She understands the challenges both debut and seasoned writers face. This is why I turned to her to review the first half of my novel along with the second-half outline, and then eventually my query letter. With her help, I identified weaknesses in my story and then polished a query letter that works. She even helped me with agent research! Whatever happens with my writing career, I feel more confident knowing I have Jennifer to turn to for anything writing-related (and a little therapy too! This industry is hard!). I truly cannot recommend her services enough.

- Steph Mignon, querying author of LONELIEST NUMBER

When Jennifer was my literary agent, she led me through revisions to increase the marketability of my manuscript. Her insight and knowledge about both the craft of writing and the business of publishing helped to strengthen my story. Ultimately, her editorial guidance and ability to create a compelling pitch helped me land my debut book deal with a Big 5 publisher!

- Kristin Rockaway, author of The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World and the forthcoming How to Hack a Heartbreak

The Wild Woman's Guide to Traveling the World

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Jennifer helped me revise my entire middle grade novel. She had a sure eye for details as well as the big-picture elements of my manuscript. Her feedback was prompt, insightful and honest, and she always encouraged me to push my writing to a higher level.

- Deborah Lakritz, querying author of POPULARS, PRESIDENTS, AND OTHER PERFECT PEOPLE

Jennifer's extensive knowledge as a literary agent and editor improved my writing technique and understanding of the publishing industry. Her dedication to my personal growth as a writer undoubtedly made me more confident about current and future endeavors. I would highly recommend Jennifer's editorial services during any stage of the writing process.

- Ashley Jean Granillo, author of the forthcoming novel THE DOVE THAT STAYED

I have worked with Jennifer three times now and will continue do so. She is wonderful to work with. Jennifer has an excellent editorial eye and will work hard to improve both your writing and your manuscript. My only regret is I wish I had turned to her sooner.

- Mark Simoneau, querying author of DARK WATER

Jennifer Johnson-Blalock is an editorial genius. She helped me restructure my novel manuscript, meticulously going through the plot to help fix pacing and characterization. The revised novel was so strong that it sold immediately!

- Julia Sonneborn, author of By the Book

By the Book

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Jennifer is an intuitive thought partner as well as a keen editor. Her sense of story and the industry refined my submission package, but also gave me newfound direction for my manuscript. I look forward to the day I can send her a copy of the novel she helped shape.

- Chelsea Henderson, querying author of AND RELEASE and RUNNING FOR HOME

Jennifer is a thoughtful, detail-oriented editor. I really appreciated how she was able to identify weaknesses in my plot, while also providing constructive feedback on how to improve it. She took the time to understand the vision of my story. She's the ideal mix of professional and supportive. Jennifer will put in whatever time it takes to make a piece of writing shine. To add to that, she's wonderful to talk to!

- Saumya Dave, author of the forthcoming novel WELL BEHAVED INDIAN WOMEN 

I highly recommend working with Jennifer if you're interested in polishing your writing. Given her experience as a literary agent, my goal in working with Jennifer was to transform my novel into one marketable for publication. We worked on plot and character development and fine-tuned themes and even specific paragraphs, all the while feeling like it is still my own work and ideas. In addition to the thorough editorial letters she provided, I have to note Jennifer's incredible memory, which led to insightful and detailed discussions during our Skype meetings. I'm also grateful for her help on my path to querying agents and in understanding the business side of publication.

- Suzanne Junered, querying author of GOODNIGHT MONSTERS 

Jennifer has a rare gift for suggesting manuscript changes laced with just enough illustration that the writer understands her point while still retaining full control of the story. Jennifer's exposure to the women's fiction genre was instrumental in helping me understand the intricacies of the market and where my novel stands in comparison. I was able to apply her advice to refine the structure of my piece to better fit in with today's marketplace. Jennifer's professionalism was unmatched. I found that she was always available to answer questions in a timely fashion.

- Holly Rizzuto Palker, querying author of A BRITISH AFFAIR